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All About Your Gut

Does your poor digestion impact your work, social or home life? Are you feeling low, having brain fog or just not able to concentrate because of your gut health? 

Your Digestion-The Bigger Picture

Your digestion is just one part of all your integrated body systems. It's like those old clocks with the different cogs, each cog represents a body system. As one starts to wear down over the years, so do the others. As a functional medicine practitioner I look to find which cog or body system might need working on first. Often this can be the digestive system or it may be another body system like the immune system that is affecting the digestive system. Inevitably for many, mood and cognition is impacted in some way. I work with you to give recommendations that are comfortable for you to do so that you can start addressing root causes of your digestive issues. 

Woman looking at the bigger picture and mountains
Mémé Watanabe Nutritional Therapy Consultation for Gut Health

Your Health Programme

Are you ready to make changes in your diet and lifestyle? My health programmes are about personalised and comfortable steps that are specifically recommended for you. This is not a one stop shop. I want to support you along the way enough to empower you so that you can make healthier choices, understand your digestive health and take control of your life again. 


You can make a start by contacting me to arrange a FREE introductory session so that we can see if we can work together on your health. As a practitioner and someone who is passionate about personal growth and mindful communication, it's important that we have a good connection so that I can support you the best way I can on your important health journey. Just follow the steps below...



Email or fill in the form below to book your FREE introductory call


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Fill in a detailed health questionnaire



Attend your first consultation


Health report

Receive your personalised health report and start your health programme to support your digestion for peace of mind

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